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Barrie Rentals' Full Management Program is designed to minimize your risk and maximize your profits and returns. Our aim is to reduce your overhead while obtaining the most qualified tenants.  

We make owning an investment property easy.  We deal with the everyday issues that arise with the tenants, with maintenance.  When you have to re-rent your property we are the ones that are doing the showings, being stood up and meeting and making knowledgable informed decisions on who should rent  your property.

We have a long list of past and present landlords and tenants which helps when you are trying to fill your properties.  It is nice to deal with someone familiar.

Barrie Rentals can help you pick your next investment property.  Advising you on the best type of home to purchase and the areas that you should stay away from.  Making your decision easier and less stressful.

Let us help make your experience a good one.

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